04 June 2008

Our BIG holiday

We're back! It's great to be home and my 2 furry cats are very happy to see us. Missy had a big chat to us before retiring to her favourite spot under the guest bed and Pirate is purring loudly asleep on the floor beside my desk.

If you haven't had the chance to catch up on our stories and photos, feel free to check out the following posts:-

The month away has been great for me, not only in having time with Nick and enjoying our holiday, but allowing me to step back from my businesses and get clarity around a few things.

Tara and I are working hard on our second journal, Journal for the Pregnant Goddess. Our mock is with our graphic designer and we are at the point of approving pages. We're hoping we'll be in production by the 10th June in time for a TV promotion with WIN TV on the 5th July.

I also spent some time chatting with a publisher/distributor in the US. She's keen to work with me on a few "Modern Goddess" projects, which is very exciting. She is also interested in distributing our journals in the US.

Things will be busy over the next couple of weeks and then my parents arrive on the 27th June until the 16th July. I'll keep in touch with all my adventures as things happen.

Until then... have a great week/weekend.

With love, Nicole xo

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