19 June 2008

Sad News

Upon returning from our holiday I noticed that Pirate was limping. Initially I thought he might have hurt himself while rumbling with Missy but after taking him to the vet, this is not so. The vet found a large lump on the top of his back leg and due to the size, it's difficult for him to walk properly or sit with his leg closed.

After looking at it more closely and guessing that Pirate is actually 14 years old, not the 10 or 11 we thought he might be, he thinks it's cancer. He did a biopsy and we'll get the results in 10-14 days but as he explained, there are no guarantees that the biopsy will tell them anything.

We are keeping our fingers and toes crossed. The drugs didn't agree with him so he's been really groggy and also very sore from the biopsy. Today he's looking a little bit brighter and I'm hoping in a couple of days time he'll be back to his normal self, running down the stairs keen for his breakfast.

In the meantime, please send him your love and healing energy. I would really appreciate it.

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