25 May 2008


After spending 11 days in Peru, Nick and I were very surprised with Iguazu Falls and Buenos Aires. We loved the city of Buenos Aires with its European architecture and fun night life.

We started in Iguazu which is at the top of Argentina and home of the famous Iguazu Falls. The falls are on the border of Agentina and Brazil, and the national park is world heritage listed. The falls are amazing... a real natural beauty. I've over done it with the photographs but could not stop myself from being click happy.

After Iguazu Falls we headed to Buenos Aires where we saw a fantastic tango show. We were told that many of the shows have become a little "Hollywood" however the show we attended was more authentic dancing. Unfortunately we were not allowed to take photos. Our meal was included and it was again delicious. We've been really impressed with the quality of food in Peru and in Argentina.

We also did a city tour which took us to the different areas of the city, including La Boca, a colourful part of the city and Recoleta Cemetery, which has the most ornate tombs.
It sounds a bit creepy and weird that we visited a cemetary but it was fascinating due to the architectural styles of the tombs. The styles ranged from neo classic to art deco and the some of the sculptures have been declared national historic monuments.
We left Buenos Aires saying we'll have to return and spend more time in the city.

To view our photos, visit our Argentina album.

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