10 November 2008

New Babies

We went to dinner at a local Thai restaurant and came home with these babies...

They are brother and sister and at the moment living in my office until Missy accepts them as house mates. We are yet to give them names but we think we'll give them Cantonese names that are based on their personalities.

The little girl (ginger and white one) is curious and likes to explore, where as the little boy (white one with tiny black patches just near each ear) is placid and loves Pirate's old black and white ball. He's claimed it and is already carrying it around with him like a dog with a ball.

They are both very playful and full of beans. Definitely will keep Missy on her toes.

With Elizabeth and David (friends visiting from Australia) encouraging us we reacted... these 2 little babies needed a home and Nick and I stepped up and took them in.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Nic! They're gorgeous!! :) Hope Missy doesn't take too long to accept them ;) I'm sure they'll fill her days with lots of fun and games :)

Cheryl said...

They're gorgeous! You'll have your hands full with kittens running the house.