17 November 2008

It's been a week now since we came home with Isis (little girl with ginger) and Cyrus (little white boy) and they are full of life.

I forgot what it's like to have a kitten around, and now we've got double the trouble. However they are keeping me entertained. Missy on the other hand is not impressed at all. She's met Cyrus face-to-face a couple of times and he has no fear... she was hissing at him and he still walked straight up to her as if she wasn't bothered by him. She gave him a light tap on the head to say "go away" but he just shook his head and stayed put.

Their personalities are starting to come out. Initially Isis was the adventurous one but Cyrus is showing that he is happy to dive head first into anything. He runs around like a mad man and sounds like a baby elephant while doing so. Isis is not far behind him but isn't as willing to jump in feet and all.

Isis is a little more independant, where as Cyrus does like attention when he wants it. I've noticed a pattern of a night time, once they're both ready to sleep for the night... Isis will talk for a little bit and so I give her a cuddle, she purrs away and then is happy to settle in her bed for the night. Cyrus on the other hand wants to smooch. It takes a while for him to settle because he's too busy smooching, rubbing up against me, sitting on my lap etc and the whole time his motor is going. He really wants a big cuddle before he's happy to be put to bed but tonight he wanted to sleep up on my desk next to me so he's claimed my sarong and stretched out on my old laptop.

They are very playful and really full of beans. It's so much fun having kittens around, now I wish for Missy to adopt them so she has some friends to hang with since she's still missing Pirate. We all miss Pirate because he was such a sweet, sweet boy.

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