29 June 2008

Update on Pirate

The results came and it's not good... Pirate has a cancerous tumour that is spreading. The vets said they could try to chop it out but there is no guarantees he'd make it through the surgery and if he did, the surgery would be very traumatic for him. They've recommended that we just let him live his life as comfortable as we can and once he is in pain, we send him into spirit.
For my birthday, my mum painted this:-

The painting was based on this photograph:-

She opened his eyes and showed his tail. She's very clever. So now we're keeping an eye on him and at the moment he's still got his healthy appetite and getting around relatively easy. However once I see he's in pain, I'll do what is best for him.

Here he is... I took this today:-


Scarlet 'O Blog said...

Nic, I love the painting. Very special indeed.

Breaks my heart to think that your boy is ill. Sending both of you lots of love and light.

Nicole said...

Thanks Juria. x