08 April 2007

Happy Easter

Today is Easter Sunday and it's been a very quiet Easter here in Hong Kong. Nick's worked over the Easter break and so have I. I've been writing training manuals for the company in Darwin as well as myself so looking at the computer has made me a little cross-eyed.

At this point in time our household, except for me are all having a nana nap. Nick got home from work and has gone straight to bed - I guess getting up at 5:00am every morning and not getting in until after 5:00pm for the past 5 days does that to you. Nick's asleep, softly snoring away. Missy's in her favourite spot on the spare bed and Pirate is curled up in his basket beside me in the study.

After working all of Easter, Nick has 2 days off tomorrow and I'm taking some time this week to be creative. I'm joining Juria and Melissa for an afternoon of beading tomorrow, and then on Friday night I'm joining Adele, Juria, Candice and a few others for a night of Art Jamming.

I know what I want to do for my beading work but I'm not so sure what I want to paint for my Art Jamming session. I'll show my work off once I've finished both.

I think I might go and join Nick in his afternoon nana nap. Enjoy the rest of your Easter. xo

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