20 April 2007

A Scare

This morning I was working away on the computer when Nick called me into the bedroom and told me to look out onto our bedroom balcony (our balcony is on the 5th floor of our apartment block). As I looked out, there was Missy on other side of the balcony barrier on the outside ledge.

I freaked without trying to alarm her because it's a long way down if she fell. The ledge around our balcony and along our windows is not big enough for a person to stand on, but there is a small part of the ledge which is wider and big enough for someone to stand on. This is where she was sitting, howling because she couldn't get back over.

Nick explained that he went to have a shower and he had turned the airconditioner on in the bedroom and tried to get Missy to come inside. She wouldn't come in so left her on the balcony and shut the door. When he came out of the shower he saw her walking along our bedroom window ledge. He tried to get her in without alarming me but when she wouldn't come to him so he had to get me involved.

We can only think she was looking for a way back inside. Poor Missy, she was locked out on one of the other balconies the other night purely by accident but in the middle of a freak rain and wind storm. Luckily I saw her through the window huddled behind the bbq.

Anyway, in the end Nick went over the balcony rail while I stood there shaking for both of them. We were able to coax her to come to Nick and he passed her to me.

It took me 30mins to stop shaking... I literally felt sick with Nick and Missy standing on the balcony ledge. I have a HUGE fear of heights and had nightmares when I first moved here that one or both of my cats would get over the balcony barrier. Thankfully Nick and Missy are back on safe ground... Nick will think twice before locking Missy out on the balcony in the future.


Bee said...

OMG Nicole, I am glad that Missy has all four paws back on secure ground. I can't even imagine how scary that must have been.

I hope you told her not to scare her Mummy like that again!

Scarlet 'O Blog said...

Oh no! I would've passed out for sure if it was my furry girl (or boy for that matter) standing on a ledge. Hope you gave Missy and Pirate an extra scoop of the good stuff tonight and a bottle of wine for yourself and Nick.