31 March 2007

Spiritual Cinema Circle

Last year I became a member of the Spiritual Cinema Circle.

Have you heard of them?

No… they are not a religious sect or a spiritual group or a self-help group.

The circle is a collaboration between film producer Stephen Simon and psychologists Kathlyn and Gay Hendricks. The team at the Spiritual Cinema Circle search the globe to find movies that are uplifting, inspiring and visionary, and then bring them directly to you.

As a member I pay a monthly fee which is automatically deducted from my credit card, and in return I receive a DVD with four great movies (usually a feature, a documentary and 2 short movies). The movies are ones you will never see in your video/DVD store and you cannot buy them at HMV. These movies are exclusive to the Spiritual Cinema Circle.

Let me emphasis something… these movies will not have bad language, you will not see any violence or blood and guts, and you won’t see nudity. What you will see is people being human, being conscious, being inspiring… these people will touch your heart and your soul.

Last month I watched a documentary called Ryan’s Well and couldn’t help but be in awe of what a 6 year old can do… what inspiration! A couple of weekends ago, I watched the much talked about new release, an adaptation of Neale Donald Walsch’s classic, Conversations with God, and wow… did that have an effect on me!

During the week Nick and I watched our latest DVD and are really looking forward to next months.

The movies are not just for adults, they also have children’s movies and some of the documentaries are also great for kids.

I encourage you to visit the Spiritual Cinema Circle. It truly is the heart and soul of cinema!

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