28 December 2006

Taiwan Earth Quake

On Boxing Day night an earth quake hit Taiwan and there was Tsunami warning. At the same time we were feeling earth tremors, which we found out today that they were actually the effects of the Taiwan earth quake.

It has also damaged major underwater cables that connects Hong Kong, China and the rest of Asia to the world... this means for the next 3 weeks or so we will have very limited access to overseas internet and overseas telephone lines.

We are having difficulty sending and receiving emails so let's hope we haven't lost anything in cyber space. Nick and I also realised how heavily we relied on the internet... we order our water online, my fortnightly grocery shopping is done over the internet, we both google places we want to visit when planning our next holiday (next one to Shanghai in late January), I write in my blogs to keep everyone up to date... and lots of other things.

What did we do before the internet?


DanniLake said...

Here's hoping they get it all up and running much quicker than they hope! Before the internet? WAS there a before??? :)

Michelle said...

It is amazing how much we rely on the net - the proof is definitely in the pudding even just for simple tasks as banking! Let's hope it is back to normal soon.