29 December 2006

Puffy Faced Girl

That's me!

I had my bottom wisdom teeth out yesterday, a late Christmas present for me... how lovely! I've been having problems off and on over the year and I decided to bite the bullet and get them pulled. One tooth had a curled root so it wasn't going to be an easy job and the other was crossing a nerve, again not an easy job.

So what was suppose to be a 1 hour surgery in the Dentist's chair turned out to be a 2.5 hour job... and prior to that, it took them close to 30mins to find a vein to sedate me. I also was very lucky to wake up part the way through my 2nd tooth being pulled and the lovely nurse kept telling me to go back to sleep. I have to admit trying to go back to sleep was extremely difficult when you're feeling extreme pain... and some of my family and friends know that my pain threshold is zero, zip, zilch!!!

Nick was so lovely, he sat holding my hand while the Surgeon explained what went on during the surgery (it was much more difficult than they thought), what painkillers and antibiotics to give me and when, and what he needed to do to look after me for yesterday and today. He got me in the cab and then tucked me into bed when I got home.

Missy and Pirate looked after me too... they cuddled up beside me while I slept off my grogginess.

Today I'm Miss Puffy Face but tomorrow, I'll be someone who no longer needs to worry about her wisdom teeth... YAY!! One less thing to think about in the New Year.


DanniLake said...

Hope the pain is gone now, Nicole! You're very brave! And it's so lovely to know someone else with a pain threshold as high as mine ;) LOL!!

Nicole said...

LOL... at least someone knows how I feel ;) Things are better with one lot of stitches out and another to come out next week.