26 December 2006

Merry Christmas!

This is the first year Nick has worked on Christmas day but that didn't hinder us spending Christmas day together. Nick had a Shanghai overnight so I tagged along. I hadn't been to Shanghai and I've never been had the opportunity to sit in the cockpit while Nick was flying.

So it was a real treat for me to sit in the cockpit for take off out of Hong Kong and landing into Shanghai. Nick's landing was beautiful! So smooth and it didn't even feel like we touched down.

Once we got through customs, we caught the Maglev - it's a train that runs on magnets and hovers on air. It also gets up the 430 km/hour. Yep... that's right 430 km/hour! (If you look closely, you may be able to make out the speed in the photo). It also stops in the middle of nowhere because the company that was building it ran out of money. We went on it for the experience.

We then bummed around in the afternoon before catching up with Gary and Ling. Gary moved to Shanghai for work about 4 months ago, and Ling visits him on a regular basis. Gary took us to a lovely restaurant on the top floor of a museum in a very old style building. It was very European looking rather than traditional Chinese. The food was delicious, company great and wine just lovely.

Today (Boxing Day) we headed back to Hong Kong and were home just after lunch time. It's not your normal Christmas but what is a 'normal' Christmas these days?

I hope you enjoyed your Christmas day, where every you were!

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DanniLake said...

Sounds heavenly to me, Nicole :)