21 December 2006

Sunshining Days

The past couple of days have been gorgeous here... grey-blue skies, minimal pollution and lots of sunshine. This sunshine brings better health for me and a better understanding of Pirate's condition.

Pirate has cat asthma, similar to human asthma and it's just as managable. I've now got some ventaline for him as well as some anti-inflamatory tablets ready for his next attack. We think the pollution and dust from the workman downstairs sets him off. So with the sunshine, he's been enjoying sunbaking on our outdoor table.

As for me... my cold is slowly going away just in time for my trip to Shanghai with Nick on Christmas Day. Nick is working and flying to Shanghai for an overnight so I've decided to tag along rather than stay in Hong Kong. Christmas night we are having dinner with Nick's Captain, Gary and Ling.

Merry Christmas everyone and I hope 2007 is a year of happiness for you!

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