12 December 2006

A little under the weather...

The skies have turned grey and so has our household. Last week I was in a lot of pain with an infection around my right wisdom tooth which saw me toddle off to the dentist all by myself (and anyone that knows me well... I'm not one that goes to the dentist by myself, but in this case - I was desperate!).

The verdict... my 2 bottom wisdom teeth have to come out but it's a tricky situation, due to how the roots are growing and the close proximity of the nerve... worst case scenario, a nerve can be damaged and I'll lose all or partial feeling in my lips, but that's worst case scenario. Nick's a little concerned because he doesn't want me not to be able to feel him kiss me... awww!

So... I'm giving myself a belated Christmas present... wisdom teeth out on the 28th December. Please send me lots of positive vibes as I'm a big chicken and will need all the positive energy everyone can give me.

Pirate too has been under the weather, he goes to the vets on the 21st December for chest x-rays. We thought he might have pneumonia but it looks like he's got some sort of asthma that cats get, and we think the smog of Hong Kong is setting him off. Today was a bad day with him coughing a lot, wheezing and having a few problems breathing. I gave him his dose of cough mixture, antibiotic, wheezing syrup but it wasn't helping... eventually he settled down and has been fine all evening. After speaking to the vet about it, he suggested that I get some ventalin for him and give that to him when he's having an asthma attack. Poor little fellow!

As for my girl Missy, she is as healthy as a horse but all jelly on the inside. She's been in hiding all day and night because she saw the cat cage come out and bolted! I guess she feels the same way about vets as I do dentists.

And as for my darling hubby... he's not under the weather, he's just a little tired. He's had a few early, early mornings and studying hard for his 6 month assessment which is on Friday and Saturday.

So... I'm putting it to the universe that a little sunshine comes our way!

Updated: As at 15th December, the skies are still grey and we've had a bit of rain. With rain, along came a head cold; a sore throat and a runny nose. Nick's sleeping in the spare room in the hope of staying well.

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