17 December 2006

Oh What a Night!

Last night was the night for friends to gather and celebrate the festive season… they ate Turkish food, enjoyed each other’s company and drank champagne… ching, ching! It was also a night where all the boys could make it.

I missed out on the festivities due to my coughing and spluttering but Nick celebrated for the two of us.

This morning I woke to find an email with the subject line… Oh what a night! Adele didn’t have to say too much because her photos really captured the moment.

The first photo is of Juria, Adele and Candice with Sonja observing in the background. Sonja is pregnant due around the same time as Kathryn.

The next one says… while Mel’s away Glenn will play! Mel’s in Sydney meeting her new niece and nephew so Glenn was flying solo as well.

The last photo shows how Shaun (Adele’s hubby) and Riaan (Juria’s hubby) can hold each other up after a big night out.

Here's to the festive season... I hope you have a safe and happy one! Many blessings, Nicole x

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