21 November 2006

A New Client

I've just returned from meeting with Surinder, the Executive Director of The Nesbitt Centre, a centre engaging, enriching, empowering people with learning disabilities. The centre provides opportunities for their members to gain life and work skills.

I'm going to be working with them next year on a contract basis, developing work and life skill programs, starting with basic computing. They would like me to eventually work with them 3 days a week but I explained that I can only commit to 2 days a week. We'll start off slow, 1/2 a day and over the months move to 2 days.

While meeting with Surinder, I met 2 of their more outgoing members; Vivian and Vicky.

Vivian was quick to ask all about me - what my name was, what my mum's name was, what my dad's name was, where did I live and did I dance. She was also very keen to show me around the centre and question me about what type of training I would be doing. She proudly introduced me to other members and told me all about her class this morning. I was told by Surinder that she likes to get everyone organised.

Vicky, was just as gorgeous as Vivian. Vicky asked if she could call me Nicky and then asked me would I respond to her if she called me Nicky. I said I would also respond if she called me Nic. She then questioned me about how sure was I that I was going to be teaching her computers, Surinder kindly answered her with "Nicole's 100% sure." She seemed satisfied with that answer. She lovingly told me that I was skinny, that I was pretty and that I was her best friend. Next time I'm at the centre she's taking me to lunch.

I'm definitely going to enjoy teaching at the centre. I left the centre feeling really good... I have a great opportunity to help people and at the same time, I'll get paid for it. The best of both worlds!

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