20 November 2006

Sites around Hong Kong

Here I thought I'd show you some photos of Hong Kong.

This photo is of the Fish Markets in Sai Kung, a country park and a popular area for expatriates to live. It's nice to visit but a little too far for us as public transport to get into town would be a 2 mini buses and 2 different trains.

Mini buses only seat about 20 people (if that) and some of the drivers drive like maniacs. There are 2 sorts... Green top, who generally take a standard route and the Red top, who must get from Point A and Point B but don't necessarily go the same way each time, you may have a detour or two.

Here are my parents enjoying their seafood lunch at Sai Kung. It was very messy as we had to break the lobster with our hands, peel our own prawns, use our hands for the crab as well... the food is fresh and is really delicious.

And here is the Big Buddha... he's amazing and one of the world's largest. There are many steps (as you can see) but definitely worth the climb to the top.

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