17 October 2006

Who needs children...

...when you have a husband and two cats? I love that Nick talks to Missy and Pirate as if they were human, and I love that they both talk back to him as if he was a cat.

Today I've been working in the study and I could hear Nick and Missy down stairs, I think he was tormenting her (which is not unusual and he says it's because he was an only child). Next minute the door swings open and there she stands tall and proud, talking to me... I can only guess that she was telling me that Nick was annoying her and for me to tell him to leave her alone. She chats for a while and I respond by saying "really" and "oh no". She then lies at my feet and goes to sleep.

About half an hour later in comes Pirate and he's all smoochy to me and then to Missy but she's not impressed that he wants to smooch. She hisses and growls at him, then takes a swipe... luckily Pirate is quick enough and she misses. She starts telling me all about it, as if I wasn't privy to what went on.

So... who needs children when you have a husband and 2 cats (hee hee) but just like most people, you wouldn't have it any other way.


Kylie said...

Your cats sound just devine Nicole. :)

Nicole said...

Yes, actually they are :-) I was lying on the lounge earlier having a nana nap and Pirate took the opportunity to come and lie beside me. Nick said it was a photo moment for sure.