13 October 2006

Top 50...

We get lots of re-runs of tv shows and on BBC as well as NBC's Today show they talked about Live Life: 50 Things to Do or See before you die.

Note: Nick suggested I make comments about where I am at with some of these, so I have updated to do such a thing.

It got me thinking and here are mine in no particular order:-
1. Swim with dolphins
2. Swim with a whale shark at Nigaloo Reef
3. See the Egyptian pyrimids
4. Walk the Inca trail to Machu Picchu, Peru (this is planned once I finish my last 2 subjects, which I hope to sort out on our next trip to Sydney)
5. Go on an African safari
6. Volunteer 2 weeks at the Tiger Temple in Thailand
7. Learn to Belly Dance well (I am learning the basics and based on this experience I have a long way to go)
8. Hold my very own art exhibition
9. Organise a Hong Kong Book Crossing day
10. Adopt a Chinese baby girl
11. Organise for the 'girls' in my family to have a girls day at a spa
12. Have an article published
13. Organise a successful charity ball
14. Create recipe books as gifts
15. Learn to speak Cantonese
16. Ride a gondola in Venice
17. Take the Orient Express from Venice to Paris
18. To fly over a volcano
19. Visit all the wine regions in Australia
(We've been to Hunter Valley, Margaret River, Clare Valley, Yarra Valley, Barossa Valley)
20. Own a home in Australia
21. Hold a formal dinner party where everyone dresses up
22. Be satisfied with my body
23. Go to one major race meeting in each State of Australia (We've been to Royal Randwick on the 2nd January, Darwin Cup, Perth Cup and Derby Day in Melbourne)
24. Take my niece and nephew on a holiday, just the 2 of us
25. Have my family friends visit me at least once in their lifetime (We've had my parents, Vicky and Tess... I'm keeping my fingers crossed for everyone else - no pressure)
26. Explore the Mexican pyramids
27. Visit Glastonbury and participate in a Goddess event
28. Inspire someone to do something they never thought they would do
29. Scrapbook our wedding photos
30. Experience a white Christmas (It nearly happened when I backpacked around Europe but I was sick of the cold that I spent Christmas in Nice, France where it was a little warmer and no snow)
31. Research our family tree (I think my mum has started on my side)
32. Swim nude when I’m in my 40’s, 50’s and 60’s (I did in my 20's and 30's and I've got another couple of years to warm to the idea)

33. Write a letter to the people who inspire me and tell them why
34. Have a make up and image consultation
35. Write to my parents and tell them how much they mean to me

36. Master Tarot and Oracle reading without referring to the books
37. Attend pole dancing classes
38. Attend a sweat lodge
39. Attend a meditation retreat
40. Become good at Yoga (I'm working on that too, I attend a combination of Yoga and Pilates once a week)
41. Attend a cooking class in Vietnam
42. Make Christmas cards and send them to all my family and friends
43. Get over that people don't send cards anymore
44. Do High Tea at a posh restaurant
45. Afford to take Nick to a fancy restaurant when he gets his command (I'm saving my pennies)
46. Renew my Diving licence and dive at the Maldives
47. Raise a seeing eye puppy
48. Write in my journal at least once a week rather than every couple of months
49. Discover 10 new places in Hong Kong to visit and visit them (I've discovered 2 so far this week)
50. Buy at least 1 Alanna Hill outfit and wear it with confidence

What are your 50 Things YOU would like to Do or See?

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DanniLake said...

What a fantastic list of things to see or do :) Good luck achieving them... can't wait to hear all about it ;)