17 October 2006

Exercise Buddies

I found myself some new exercise buddies... A couple of weeks back I bought some Billy Blanks, Tae Bo exercising DVD's as I was bored walking/jogging on the treadmill and looking at myself while I pedaled away on the bike.

Usually my exercise buddy is Melissa but this week with various commitments we're exercising by ourselves. Billy hypes things up and to motivate his audience he talks about "energy" and being "energised". Imagine a strong American accent saying those words and other words to the effects of "it's all about energy and strength and endurance", "what is it about?", "yes that's right now show me some energy".

Today Billy inspired Missy and Pirate to join me in being "energised" and "showing some energy". They were definitely energised... they ran around the lounge room chasing each other, Missy rolled around trying to catch her tail and Pirate hit and chased is ball around.

Normally Missy lies around, sometimes comes and nudges me if I'm stretching but most of the time just relaxes in the middle of the floor where I'm trying to do my exercise. Pirate sits on the stairs or under the dining table out of harms way.

I wonder if they'll join me on Thursday... Nick thinks they need it as he thinks they are a bit on the tubby side, where I say they are just cuddly.

It definitely is a cats life... after all that exercise, they are now both curled up asleep. I want to come back as one of my own cats. Hope you're having a great day too!

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