01 May 2008

Communications with Pirate

Sandra: Hello Pirate!

Pirate: Am I in trouble?

Sandra: No sweetheart, you're not in trouble!

Pirate: Well Missy seems mad at me!

Sandra: Missy is just very focused on the work she is doing in your family. She feels you don't respect her boundaries and give her space to work.

Pirate: I just want to be close to her the way I am with Nicole. I feel safe with Nicole. I wish I could feel safe with you, Missy.

Sandra: Pirate, I have an idea for you that might help you with Missy. Perhaps you can spend time with Nicole and really get centered when you're with her. Then, when you're with Missy, you can try to see, feel and do the work Missy is doing. And try to give her more distance and space. Then, when you think it is the right time, you can ask her mind to mind, 'Is this a good time to take a break and play for a bit?' Just remember is she says, 'No' honor that and try again later. What do you think about the idea?

Pirate: I will give it a try! I hope Missy can lighten up and play a little.

Sandra: (I was telling Pirate how much I love him and how he touches my heart and he said)

Pirate: I wish I could come to visit you!

Sandra: Other than your problem with Missy, are you happy?

Pirate: Oh yes, it feels good to be in a home where people love and care for me. It hasn't always been that way you know. Hiding was a good survival tactic that I learned and have used often. I'm really good at hiding. When I hear the vibration of feet on the floor, I take off! Being safe is very important to me. I don't find it easy to trust.

Sandra: How are you feeling?

Pirate: I feel OK in my body, but I have a lot of emotions that run through me. I am concerned sometimes that someone will take m away from Nicole and Nick and I don't want that!

Sandra: I can tell you this Pirate they love you and want you to stay with them as their forever cat! Pirate, they wanted me to tell you they are going away for a little while and will have kind people take care of you.

Pirate: Will they come back?

Sandra: Oh yes! (Sandra counted the number of days we'd be away and told me to reassure him we'd be coming back)

Pirate: Please have them tell me how long they will be gone and when they will come back. And please ask them to think about me and send me love often.

Sandra: I will pass the message on to them. Is there anything you would like them to know?

Pirate: I'm so thankful for the love you both give me everyday. I love my home and I love you! You are the important thing in my life. I would be so lost without you. I love you!

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Anonymous said...

I loved reading the conversations with Missy and Pirate. They are spot on with their personalities. It is so nice that Missy is living her destiny by assisting Darling Nicole in her good work - Blessings and continued abundance.