01 May 2008

Communications with Missy

Nicole, I'm not sure if you do Feng Shui, have clients come to your home or just have a lot of visitors, but Missy has a very important job that she does to assist you in your work. Below is the conversation I had with Missy:

Missy: I've been waiting in queue for you all day!

Sandra: I know, I've been feeling you with me all day!

Missy: I'm happy doing the work I'm here to do. When I'm walking around our home, I'm purifying the air. When people come to our home they think I'm talking with them when I make noise. Actually, it's my way of breathing on them to help them clear their energy. When Pirate gets too close to me while I'm doing this work I get irritated with him. I try to set up a boundary or barrier, but he doesn't respect my space, so I have to give him a warning. This is important work! This is how I help!

Sandra: Is there someway Pirate can help you with this work you do?

Missy: First, he could stay out of my way, but unless you can get through to him, I doubt he'll do that!

Sandra: I can talk to him about it. Is it possible Pirate may just want to connect with you and be close to you?

Missy: He is much less confidant and independent than I am. So yes, he may be looking for companionship.

Sandra: Could you possibly try being kinder to him? I'll try to ask him to respect your boundaries.

Missy: Yes, but you must understand my work is the most important thing!

Sandra: Again, is they anything more Pirate can do to help you with this work?

Missy: The subtle energies are there for him to see. If he would stop being concerned with his personal and basic needs, he could see, feel and work with this energy. But cats, just like people can't work in this realm as long as they live in fear and worry.

Sandra: Thank you Missy for helping me understand this. I will communicate this to Pirate and Nicole, too! Nicole would like to know if you prefer to be shaved for the summer.

Missy: Yes, but not too closely. Please ask them to leave a light coat of fur behind, kind of like peach fuzz.

Sandra: How are you feeling?

Missy: (At this time she showed me a picture of her coughing. Does she have any problem with her throat or throwing up on occasion? She is showing me her throat is scratchy like a steel wool pad. I always like to tell people I'm not a veterinarian, so check out any concerns with your vet.)

Sandra: What would make you happy?

Missy: For you to slow down and take time to clear yourself and meditate more. You have important work to do Nicole, and I am here to help you be strong and centered. But there are things you must do for yourself. You are really a good person. Sometimes too good! Please take good care of yourself. I want to be with you for a really long time. You can do your best when you are rested and care for yourself. I love both you and Nick and I guess Pirate's not so bad.

Sandra: About Nick and Nicole going away.

Missy: I know all about the people coming to care for us. Who knows, perhaps I can help them, too! Thank you Nicole and Nick for not sending me to a cat kennel. You know I would hate that. We should be OK.

Sandra: Thank you for talking with me Missy.

Missy: Thanks for talking with me, too! It's great to be heard. I know most cats wouldn't say this, but I'm happy to move to 10 more places if I can be with you Nick and Nicole. My place is with you. We do good work.

Sandra: Yes, you do Missy! Thank you!

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