10 March 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

Everyone is busy... busy, busy, busy. I don't know if people are not getting my emails or they are just not responding... mmm...

Anyway, I thought I would update my blog and people can read it when they have time etc.

Over the past couple of months Nick and I have both been busy working... Nick is enjoying being a captain and I've just been refining my services, promoting my guided writing journal (oh yeah... congratulations to Tara and I... we've sold over 200 journals within 3 months - that is a big feat in itself) and trying to plan for the next year.

In between we have been bumming around, socialising and planning for our next big holiday - South and North America. I'm very excited about our holiday and am counting the weeks... 9 weeks tomorrow!

I'm off to Singapore over Easter. I'm going with Melissa and we're there to catch up with our friend, Juria. Melissa has some other friends living there as well so it could be a very social weekend.

Nick and I are heading to Sydney early April for a wedding - we are flying in, going to the wedding and flying home... a very, very short trip and during the time I'm hoping to see a few bookstores in town about stocking our journal so sorry I won't be catching up with anyone while I'm there. I'd prefer to save catching up for when I've got a bit more time and I've got some transport.

Nick and I head off to Peru on the 5th May - we are going to Lima (the capital), Cuzco and the surrounding areas, Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca. Then we head to Argentina to see the Laguzua Falls and Beunos Aires. Then we head to Santiago in Chile and will be traveling the wine regions. From there we head to New York for a week. We get back into Hong Kong on the 4th June.

I promised myself that when I finished my University degree I would go to Peru as a gift to myself, to celebrate achieving my Bachelor of Adult Education, majoring in Human Resource Development... as I'm leaving Hong Kong, I'll be handing in my last Uni assignment, for my last subject so effectively I will have completed my degree - YAY for me!

Oh yeah! While in in the US, I've also been invited by Pink Heels, a business in Michigan to run a workshop for her clients and do a book signing. That's so cool!!! I'm not sure if I'll do it, it's a great opportunity but it will mean cutting some of my time in New York. We'll see... I'm just going to be guided and wait for the Universe to give me signs.

Between now and then I'm concentrating on my last uni subject, limiting my workload for my business and leading an online discussion group for the book 'A New Earth'. If you didn't know, I was asked by the organiser of Oprah and Eckhart Tolle's 10 Week Online Course, if I was interested in leading a discussion which is aligned to the course. We've gotten off to a slow start due to the fact that there were over 500,000 people tuning in online last week but hopefully this week's discussion will pick up.

With love and light, take care!
Nicole x

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