18 December 2007

Excitement Plus

I've just got in from a meeting with one of the Store Managers of Dymocks (here in Hong Kong). The stores are franchised and the 2 stores she manages have taken 5 journals each. What great exposure! She also suggested that I contact other Dymock stores as there will be some that would be interested in stock it as well.

So as of today we've sold over 60 journals within the first month of being published. Only 440 to go!

In the new year we will have an editorial in a New Zealand lifestyle magazine, reviews from Toni Collette, Rachael Beck and a few other Australian celebrities.

Congrats to us!!! (Tara and I)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your current success and all the best for your future successes. your journal will be huge. Blessings and Love, Miss Tess

Nicole said...

Thank you Miss Tess :)