06 August 2007

My Updates

There has been lots happening in our household with Nick's Captain's training. I have been keeping myself busy with stuff... some days I wonder what stuff but other days I can't believe how quickly the day goes by.

So here's my latest update:-

Writing Training Material for a company in Darwin - the contract is complete! Thank goodness and I don't think I want to see another computer training manual for the rest of my life. I'm not rushing into doing something like that again. I do very much appreciate that Carole came back to me, as I did write her previous material and finished that contract in 2004.

Community Centre for Adults with Learning Disabilities - not really sure what's happening with this contract. They are currently on Summer holidays as with most of the schools and universities. I'm going to be away in September and they've not come back to me with regards to the schedule for next school year. I'm guessing that they're not going to continue with the computer training. They haven't told me this but their lack of contact (as the staff are still working) and lack of response to my emails is a big indication. I'm fine with not working with them... I'll miss the gorgeous members more than the work itself.

Computer Training with the YWCA - this is still about once or twice a month. I tried to not do any of the training for their next schedule (Sept - Dec) but they came back asking if I could just do a few courses as their members really like me. So I gave in and have scheduled a few courses inbetween my travels.

Journals for Empowerment - most of you would know I've been working with an Australian Artist, Tara Spicer to create a range of unique journals that encourage women to experience a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Check out our website: www.journalsforempowerment.com

I'm off to Brisbane to record the meditation CD for the Modern Goddess journal in September. Tara is recording the meditation CD for the Pregnancy journal on Monday.

It's exciting that it's moving along and forward. We're now needing a graphic designer to finalise our sketches.

Other Projects - it seems that I'm destined to be involved with projects rather than working solidly on any one particular thing. My goddess playshops etc are all workshops that are booked when someone wants one, not booked weekly. Therefore I do have additional time on my hands to be involved in a couple of different things.

Besides our journals, I was contacted by Jacqueline of Jacqueline International. She facilitates a workshop called Goddess Training and it's about women's empowerment and looking within to find the feminine divine within yourself. She's asked if I would be interested in working with her to run her workshop here in Hong Kong or on the Pacific Rim. We're talking about what we can do for the first half of 2008.

I was also approached by Nicki of 7Senses here in Hong Kong. She's keen to start a Mind Body Spirit Festival here in Hong Kong and asked if I would like to partner her on this project. It's a great opportunity and we're still trying to work out the best time for it. She's keen for November this year, but I'm leaning towards November next year only because it's too short a notice and I'm going to be caught up with the journals.

Nicki also talked to me about a pilgrimage to Hangchow, a city south of Shanghai, China. Hangchow has a special relationship with Kuan-yin, the bodhisattva of compassion and one of the most beloved Buddhist deities in China and around the world. Kuan-yin is also known as the Goddess of Compassion and Mercy. There are a number of temples people go to, to pay their respect to Kuan-yin. The pilgrimage is usually done around Kuan-yin's birthday but there could be 500 or more people doing the same pilgrimage. We're thinking of going off season but dates are yet to be confirmed.

The advantage of working with Nicki is that she's a local and grew up in Hong Kong. A definite advantage when it comes to the language and knowing the culture.

Soul Coaching - I'm off to the states at the end of October to attend a week's long workshop to become a Soul Coach. Soul Coaching is a 28 day program that helps people identify what they want to do with their direction in life. It incorporates the four elements - air, water, fire and earth.

So that's my life in a nutshell. As I said in an earlier post... I'm keeping myself out of trouble and I love being able to work on projects rather than work in a full-time job. I love the variety and it keeps me from getting bored or dealing with everyday work politics.

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