06 August 2007

Missy and Pirate

We've been having amazing weather lately... blue skies and white clouds with very little pollution. The Hong Kong Government have quickly taken credit for the weather and said it's because of their new pollution policies. Obviously they don't have a weather man working for them because it's the light Southerly breezes that move the pollution further south.

Last night the weather took a turn, and we've had huge thunder and lightning storms. Our big brave Missy is not so brave when the weather is like this... she hides. And our timid Pirate who hides when the security buzzer goes off, is so calm and relaxed with the loud thunder.

This afternoon I had to take a happy snap of them both...

Here's Missy in her hiding position.

Here is Pirate, all comfy in his basket beside my desk in my office.

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