06 May 2007

Train ride from Hanoi to Danang, Vietnam

Danang the 4th largest city in Vietnam is south of Hanoi located in the central region of Vietnam. Danang is often referred as ‘Saigon of the North’. The reason of this cliché is simply because it is the deep-sea port city in the middle of the country that serevs as the economic hub between the north and the south.

Nearby Danang is Hue, China Beach and Hoi An. Our destination was Hoi An.

Our trip down to Danang was just as chaotic as the streets of Hanoi... waiting for the train we had many people approaching us to help us with our bags, some a little too eager to please and earn a tip or two. Thankfully we had booked our sleeping berths a head of time and were lucky to get the bottom two berths in our 4 berth cabin.

As we departed Hanoi at 11:00pm, I was hoping to fall asleep quickly however the ride was bumpy, the cabin a bit too warm and the train driver liked to break suddenly. After a fitful sleep we were woken at 7:00am for breakfast - instant noodles in a throw away container.

I have to say the early morning scenery of the country side and the ocean was stunning! We slowly made our way around the mountains catching glimpses of small fishing villages and amazing temples perched high in the mountain tops. As we got closer to Danang there was a hugh statue of Guan Yin in the mountain side - spectacular site but I was a little too slow in capturing in on camera.

We finally arrived at Danang with our local driver waiting patiently for us. We were on our way to Hoi An, a 30 minute drive from Danang.

Feel free to check out some photos from our train ride in my online photo album - click on the link below.

Travelling to Hoi An, Vietnam Album

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