23 March 2007

Hong Kong Arts Festival

This year's Arts Festival was jam packed with interesting singers and shows. We were lucky to attend 3 events.

The first event was the Hong Kong Symphony Orchestra and they were pretty interesting.

The next event was the Tango Buenos Aires, and wow... what an amazing show. We had expected to see dancers dancing the tango but we got much, much more than that. The dancing is creative, exotic and passionate with a twist to the traditional tango. Accompanying the dancers was Orchestra El Arrangque, with amazing talent and a South American singer. The whole evening kept us entertained.

The last event was a guitar duo, Katona Twins. They are Hungarian born, twin brothers and have an amazing ability to play their guitars all sorts of ways. At one stage Nick described them as playing a piano with their guitars. I missed the first half as I was attending my last day of my photography course but were lucky enough to catch the 2nd half.

We look forward to attending next year's Festival.

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