27 January 2007

You look so pretty!

I did some one-on-one training today and instead of going straight home I ducked down to the shopping centre. As I walked into one shop I was told by the local owner "ohh aren't you a pretty girl today".

Then as I walked out to head home there was a truck reverse parking and there was an older local man helping the guy park. As he saw me he waved. At first I thought he was waving to someone else but when he said "Hello" and waved again, I realised he was talking to me. I said hello back and smiled at him, and low and behold... he blew me a kiss. I laughed and he blew me another one.

He had a very cheeky and playful smile. It's definitely a nice change to the normal stares I get most of the time.


Michelle said...

How nice is that. I hope it made your day.

DanniLake said...

Sounds fantastic, Nicole! You obviously had a spcial glow about you today :)

Miss Tess said...

Miss Nicole you are truly gorgeous inside & out & everyone knows it.

Nicole said...

Michelle, it did make my day and I was still telling the story 2 days later.

Danni, I must have had a special glow about me.

Tess, thank you... you're such a sweetheart.