07 January 2007

Birthday Celebrations

Last night we had a girl's night out to celebrate Juria's birthday, the New Year and anything else we could find to celebrate. A great night was had... We started off at a groovy champagne bar called "The Empire". Here we all are at The Empire.

From front left, and around in a u-shape: Cecille, Candice, Juria (in aqua), Adele (next to Juria), Me, Melissa, Mel and Sonja.

Prior to heading to Lan Kwai Fong for some dancing, our 2 pregnant girls, Mel and Sonja went home. Last night Mel announced she was nearly 3 months pregnant (YAY) and Sonja's bub is due in March.

Here is Melissa, Juria and Candice, wooping it up in Lan Kwai Fong and just as the photo was taken the smoke machine kicked in so it's not your computer screen. We had our photos taken by some Chinese fellows that were also dancing the night away at our first dancing spot. They were very curious and were having a ball, just like us. After having a dance at 3 different bars, we then decided to head to the "Medina Lounge".

The Medina has Chi-Cha (pronounced shee sha), an elaborate water cooled pipe that can be shared. We had strawberry tabacco and it was delicious... as you can see Adele (above) is enjoying herself and Melissa (below) is a little unsure. We stopped here to gather our second wind but for Adele, Candice and I it relaxed us and we were home around 3:30am however Melissa and Juria got their second wind.

They headed back to Lan Kwai Fong and I'm sure both of them will be having a nana nap this afternoon because they got in at 5:00am.

A good night was had by all.


DanniLake said...

Sounds like you had a blast!! Well done for getting out and having a great time! Hope your jaw didn't play up on you :)

Nicole said...

Thanks Danni, we had a blast. I did have to tell the girls that they needed to stop making me laugh because my jaw was aching from too much laughing. I've had a very non-talking day today and given it a much deserved rest ;)