26 January 2007

And some more photos...

The Chinese are getting ready for Chinese New Year so there were many, many, many shops that looked like this one. Each night while we were in Shanghai, fire crackers were displayed. This is to ward of any evil spirits for the lead up to the Chinese New Year.

Here is a typical 'local' street of Shanghai. Unfortunately the photo isn't clear enough to see the clothes hanging from the street poles. But you can see a little take away where they sell local food on a skewer or in noodle cups. Some of the food on the skewer was not really to out taste (not that we actually tasted it but the look just wasn't right).

And here we have locals playing Marjong. As you walk along a street there would be at least 5 games being played. The lady had just won the last hand, and they had just dealt a new game.

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DanniLake said...

Wow, Nicole! It sounds incredibly exciting, very exotic, and like you had a wonderful experience!! :)