25 October 2006

Old Posts Lost... Painting is Fun!

I thought I'd pop some of my favourite photos from painting up before copying them on to CD and taking them off the computer...

This is Adele at Art Jamming - a place you can go and paint on big canvases and then take them home at the end of the night.

Adele's painting is of 2 cocktail glasses with cherries. When it was finished it was stunning!

The next photo is of 'The Girls' on one of our 'Painting Days at Adele's'.

From L-R: Juria, Me, Adele, Mel, Bessa and Sonja. Melissa is missing from this shot so maybe she was the one taking the photo.

And the last 2 photos are of my paintings from the painting day's at Adele's.

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