21 October 2006

1st Year Anniversary

We've made it to our 1st Year Wedding Anniversary without too many hiccups. I feel like the year has flown by whereas Nick feels like it was a lifetime ago since we got married. I can only guess that due to working part-time and Nick working full-time with long hours, that our sense of time is different.

During the week we received a gorgeous and very generous gift from Tess - a beautiful wedding album with a few of our wedding photos inside and a little message saying there is room to fill it with memories.

And as for tomorrow's celebrations we're using two of our wedding gifts - a bottle of Moet Chandon and the Moet Chandon Champagne Cooler. We are continuing to celebrate on Monday and Tuesday, by having an overnight stay in Macau on Monday night - Macau is a Portugese Colony now under the Chinese rule and is about 1 hour ferry ride from Hong Kong.

We're having dinner at a highly recommended, traditional Portugese restaurant and will spend the rest of the time
exploring Macau museums, and sites.

Enjoy your week!

An update: Check out some photos below.

The first photo is of the Church of the Mother of God, now popularly known as the Cathedral of Sao Paulo, or St. Paul's. It is probably the most famous of Macau's sights. In 1835, it burned to the ground during a typhoon, leaving only the magnificent facade and impressive staircase to testify to its former glory.

The next photo is of Leal Senade Square, the focal point and shopping center of Macau. The streets are paved with cobblestone in traditional Portuguese pattern and surrounded by colonial style buildings. Continuous waves of events are held here through-out the year. A favorite spot among locals and tourists.


Kylie said...

Congratulations and enjoy :)

Anonymous said...

Hello Darlings, what a lovely surprise to see you mention the wedding photo album I sent to you. I certainly hope that you will fill it with lots of photos of wonderful adventures. Love & Blessings. Tess