12 October 2006

Book Crossing

Today I had the pleasure of releasing two of my books into the wild... the first one was suppose to be left after lunch but I forgot to leave it behind when Sonja, Joerg and I left the Fringe club... we were too busy gas-bagging. Once I realised my mistake, I decided to leave it at Starbucks. The second book was left at a sandwich place called MIX.

I'm going to be releasing another two books tomorrow but this time it's locally - the first one at Pacific Coffee and the second one on a park bench down at the shopping centre.

Today I felt very sneaky pulling my book out of my bag and just leaving it somewhere but it felt good too!!! I just hope that someone will get pleasure out of reading my books.

Why not joing the biggest book release in one day in Australia. Check out: http://www.byokids.com.au/content/view/31/57

In the meantime, happy reading!

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