11 October 2006

Babies, babies and more babies...

Next year will be full of more babies... we have Kathryn and Angie (ex-work colleague) who are pregnant is Oz and we have Anna and Sonja who are pregnant in HK.

The saying goes "things always come in 3's" so... do I have any takers to be my 3rd in Oz or my 3rd in HK???

I would like to predict the next two people to be pregnant but I don't want to jinx them. I have discussed this with Nick already, we're now just waiting, waiting and waiting.

This year my baby predicitions have been spot on!!! I told Bernadette that she was pregnant when she was 5 weeks and that she was having a girl (which she did and Lucia arrived in late September). I predicted Angie to fall pregnant before she was even pregnant... she thought she was getting a pet, she was wrong and I also predicted she's having a girl. I knew Kathryn would be pregnant by the end of July and by her due date, she was... I've also predicted what her and Adam are having but I'm not telling them because they are not finding out.

Last week I made a note to myself on the bus to contact Sonja because we hadn't caught up for a while and I felt that she was pregnant and I was right. Today I met up for lunch and she found out the baby's sex and prior to leaving I said to Missy and Pirate (the only one's home) that Sonja was having a boy and she confirmed it at lunch.

It's all very exciting for everyone!!! I didn't predict Anna's birth because I met her when she was 4 month pregnant and she already knew she's having a girl.

So... do I have any takers? For those not wanting to fall pregnant, stay away from the water ;-)

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