17 September 2006

You Can Do It

I've just finished a book called 'You Can Do It' written by Paul Hanna, an Australian motivational speaker. I've had the book for years and have flicked through it many times but not read it from front to back.

The book was so relevant to how I'm feeling in my life. I believe that signs present themselves and we can choose to ignore the signs or take heed. As I mentioned in my previous post I've had many coincidences of late, these are what I call signs.

The DVD 'The Secret' talks about attitude to life and if your attitude is negative then most experiences are not going to be happy experiences, whereas if your attitude is positive then most experiences are going to be positive. In the book 'You Can Do It', Paul talks about just that... attitude.

This is all confirming for me - I don't think I'm a negative person at all but sometimes I put myself down, and I say it to myself more than out loud. That's not healthy! It's so easy to put ourselves down when we don't achieve something or we're struggling to achieve something - such as loosing weight or we feel that what we do is not 'the norm'.

I've realised that I need to start talking up what I do... my hawaiian massage is a beautiful form of massage - it's just different to the more well known style of massage; the Reiki healing that I do is a lovely energy healing technique that compliments any other healing or medical treatment; and the Goddess Playshop is a really lovely afternoon that allows women (and men) to nurture themselves, it's not so much a pampering afternoon but more for nurturing the spirit.
I CAN DO IT... I can make my business successful, I just have to stop being afraid of what others will think because I'm not offering something that is perceived as 'the norm'. I love what I do... it's not the norm but hey, I've never really been your run of the mill kind of gal anyway.

Enjoy your week!


dannil said...

Hi Nicole :) YGG! Kahuna Massage rocks! And what you do is awesome... just wish you were a little closer to Qld! lol!

Nicole said...

Thanks Danni :) Kahuna massage does rock... I love it too. I sometimes wish I was a little closer to Qld too.