13 September 2006

The Secret

There have been many coincidences in my life of late and too many to list but I do want to share with you something... I've started watching a DVD called 'The Secret' but this is during my Lomi Lomi refresher course so I've only seen a total of about an hour. The 2nd day we started watching it, the topic was 'creative visualisation' and 2 days earlier I went and bought an updated version of the book Creative Visualisation by Shakti Gwain... I've had this book for years and lent it to a friend but felt the need to buy it when I saw it.

Today I received a weekly insight from Maria Elita, a life and spiritual coach in Australia. Her topic this week is 'Life is about Choice' and I had been speaking to Nick 2 days earlier about the difference between making a decision and making a choice. Here is what Maria's topic was about:-

Life is about Choice.

'But I didn't have a choice!' I hear these words often. The Truth is our whole life is made up of choices. It's about becoming aware of where you are making choices from. Do you make your choices from Truth or Fear? And how often do you make the simplest choice, not the Truest one?

All you have to do is begin listening to that inner voice that knows the Truth. When you make a choice that is True, your life will flow. It's truly up to you, as You are the life You create!

This is very relevant because this is the message the DVD 'The Secret' is talking about. I definitely recommend to watch it if you get the chance... it is about things that we know but don't necessarily put into practice every day. The DVD is all about the secret to life and it's soooo true.

Enjoy your week, big hugs, Nicole xo


Anonymous said...

The Secret tells everyone that the power is within. Please watch the DVD & share the message. Tess

Nicole said...

It's a very powerful DVD... Nick and I have enjoyed watching it over and over. Tess, I agree... people go and watch the DVD, then share the message :-)