12 May 2008

Journal for the Pregnant Goddess

Tara and I have been working on our 2nd journal, Journal for the Pregnant Goddess. This journal is a little different to our first journal, Journal for the Modern Goddess as it has 5 of Tara´s paintings and 2 birthing stories - one from Australian actor, Rachel Beck and one from Mel (one of my friend´s here in HK). Rachel´s story is from the perspective of having a natural birth using the services of a Doula and Mel´s story is from the perspective of expecting to have a natural birth and then having to have a c-section.

Rachel knows Tara from many years ago when Tara lived in Sydney and since reconnecting has been introducing us to many people.

So much so that a show, SUZIE on WIN TV are interviewing Rachel in the near future and are interested in talking about our Journal for the Pregnant Goddess. It looks like Tara will be joining Rachel for the interview.

And aside from this journal, we also have a very interested publisher/distributor in the US who is interested in distributing our journals throughout North America.

All is good!

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