28 October 2007

Soul Coaching

I am currently in the middle of California in the US, at a place called San Luis Obispo attending an accreditation course in Soul Coaching.

Soul Coaching is a 28 day coaching program that can be conduct if a number of different ways from one-on-one coaching to online groups. The best way to describe the coaching technique is to say that if you considered looked at Life Coaching which is very goal oriented and working on what you want to achieve, consciously. Soul Coaching is more delving deeper to the unconscious, listening to what your soul wants.

It's a powerful, self-development program that takes participants on a journey of decluttering, cleansing and empowering their life. Each journey is different for each participant because everyone has their own life story, which is different from the next person.

So far the course has been fantastic and the environment, is gorgeous. I feel very blessed to not only be part of the accreditation program, but to also experience a personal, self-development journey myself.

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