17 October 2007

Catching Up

Life has been hectic since getting back from Australia. My trip down under was lovely and it was good to catch up with those that I did and spend time with my family.

We are now moving out of Summer, than goodness and heading into Spring.

Nick and I are spending a weekend in at Kowloon for this coming long weekend. It is to celebrate Nick becoming a Captain and I know his crowning was a little while ago but it's the first time we've been together when he's had 3 days off in a row.

Missy and Pirate will be looked after by a lady who lives in the same complex but just a different building. She looked after them while we were away last time. Pirate won't let her go anywhere near him, but that's expected because he doesn't let anyone else we've had look after them. Missy will be her usually chatty self, happy to have someone to talk to rather than hissing and beating up on Pirate.

I'm tired so I'll write more about what's been happening in my life over the next couple of days.

Stay well!

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