06 May 2007

The streets of Hanoi, Vietnam

Bip bip bip bip; beep beep; honk honk; toot toot; ring ring was the chaos we entered into once we hit the streets of Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam. There were push bikes, scooters, motor bikes, cars, vans, truck and in amongst it all, people lesuirely walking across the road.

The people walking were carrying anything from small backpacks slung over their shoulders to produce wrapped up on the heads to basket of fresh fruit carried like a set of scales.

The people on the push bikes, scooters and motor bikes carried things from the weekly shopping to massive amounts of toilet paper, or plastic balls to ladders, panes of glass and bunches of flowers.

A very colourful, chaotic site to see but I was so fascinated by it... I have so many photo's of the streets of Hanoi.

Feel free to check them out in my online photo album - click on the link below.

Streets of Hanoi, Vietnam Album

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